.Net Core + Angular Stack

.Net Core + Angular Stack At BundleN, we experiment with different stack combinations on our own time Time to hit the reset button on our stack journey. We previously made enough of a dent with our Angular + Java stack. We developed a secure web application that is role driven, multi lingual, Configuration driven, Version… Continue reading .Net Core + Angular Stack

WebSocket or SSE

WebSocket or SSE Choosing the Best for Real-Time Apps Apps like social media-based chat, multiplayer games, social feeds, financial-based apps, etc. demand communication with their servers. To achieve consistent communication, pull architecture or push architecture is implemented between the client and the server. Our sample applications need consistent communication between the client and the servers.… Continue reading WebSocket or SSE

Complex Forms

Complex Forms Code can get really ugly real fast if the architecture design can’t support lot of scenarios. This is especially true with businesses that need to support multiple scenarios based on Country, State, Language, Business lines supported, Acquiring new companies, etc. For example if we have 50 states to support, that equals 50 variations.… Continue reading Complex Forms

Basic Forms

Basic Forms Today, we are starting with Case Start page. With this, we are starting with a basic form. Tomorrow, we can delve into a complex form. Since we are using Angular for this project, Let’s dig into core components of Angular Forms. We used FormGroup, FormControl and FormArray. These are the three main pillars… Continue reading Basic Forms

BrowserStack to the rescue

BrowserStack to the rescue Today being a Saturday, we are skipping the usual dev work but instead going to delve into testing using Browser Stack. Fair warning…… This may come across as sales pitch and we are not getting paid for it. Cross Browser testing has long been a pain in the neck for developers.… Continue reading BrowserStack to the rescue

Observer Vs PubSub

Observer Vs PubSub Observer Vs PubSub Let’s delve into Observer design Pattern and Publish Subscribe pattern. At a high level, both these are design patterns to communicate state changes or notifications to a listener. We didn’t originally plan to write on this subject. But, working on the dashboards, we realized we had to use both… Continue reading Observer Vs PubSub


Localization It is always better to have applications that will have a broader range of audience. Localizing an app gives organizations wider audience with a much lesser cost compared to developing individual app per language. We can have this done as a user profile attribute and be able to deliver the content based off the… Continue reading Localization

Redis In-Memory Database

Redis In-Memory Database Today, we have installed Redis, an in-memory database. In-memory databases rely on memory for data storage. Applications that have a use case for super fast response times can benefit from an in-memory database architecture. Cloud providers like AWS guarantee response times of under 1 ms (yes, sub-millisecond). This would be ideal for… Continue reading Redis In-Memory Database