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A holistic experience between the consumers and vendor ranges from in-person talks, website, chat, telephone, etc. All interactions inspire a quality customer experience improving satisfaction, loyalty reforming business with a recommendation survey. IVR is one of the pieces of a puzzle to satisfy your customers. Today caller interacts 24/7 with an expectation of having their query resolved quickly. Companies now use IVR to resolve caller queries globally around the clock. IVR is similar to an opening gateway of your company. It quickens the routing of calls, schedules call back, and allows the callers to respond by voice or device touchpad. A caller’s interaction with business through IVR is via, DTMF (Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency), a touch-tone keypad, or through spoken language using Voice recognition software. Nowadays it is not only used to resolve caller’s queries but even used for surveys, promotions, payments, polls, brand awareness, etc. Since digital customers are more self-sufficient, and businesses target quick customer satisfaction, integration of the IVR system is a satisfying solution. IVR systems have found their place in every customer-centric industry.

Why create customized IVR systems?

IVR is a gateway to the company representing the business and company model. As the businesses are customized and unique, so is your IVR. IVR instantly resolves the caller’s issue, boosts your business by engaging and interacting with prospects or customers.

1) Serving customers efficiently:

A customer-centric right implementation of IVR creates wonderers for business. It’s essential to revive your IVR system from time to time as the old system gets frustrating and restricts your customers to a phone tree.

2) Be-cloud ready:

Traditionally, IVR as an application is an on-premises enterprise application. Having it on cloud benefits business and your customers, where you can pay as you grow, providing high resilience, and platform agnostic features.

3) CSAT :

IVR is flexible enough to interact with custom data sources and business processes. With this interaction, you can collect more data from your customers and provide tailored experiences during their calls, ultimately improving your Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT).

4) AI-powered IVR:

AI-powered IVR, a cost-effective way, builds voice assistance facilitating the solutions for their problems.

5) Customized workflows:

IVR is a set of workflows, and building a customized workflow for your business is easy. Our pre-build AI templates for voice, actions based on voice commands, and reaching out to customers with any integrated platforms boost your business deals.

6) Serverless platform:

The cost-effective serverless platform is ready to escalate the customer’s interaction to your agent.

IVR that is Good to Go!

Even though IVR is customizable, AI-powered, and automated, it all depends on your caller’s interaction with well-designed IVR. Here are some quick tricks to make your IVR good to great.

1) Enforce branding:

IVR reflects your companies personality, it questions your companies position in the industry and makes sure, that your IVR reflects what your company is all about.

2) Plan for scaling:

For larger service providers or with the hope that your hosted solutions are widely popular there are different cases where IVR needs to be scalable, that induces calls during,

1. Seasonal surges

2. Campaign-specific

3. Unexpected traffic

In such cases, you need load-balancing to spread this traffic across multiple IVR systems. This needs to be managed, to avoid over-run any one of the systems.

3) Engage with IVR:

IVR needs to be engaging with customers. It is more than “sorting” callers, so your staff is best used to solve the problems. It reflects your brand, can be humorous, entertain the callers. IVR is also a way of enhancing and entertaining customers for your own business and cliches are one of the reasons your customers would not like to hang up. So upgrade your IVR to eliminate cliches for a great engagement.

4) Build for reliability:

IVR is a start point for your business, so you need to be cognizant of your survivability plan. In case of any geographic diversity, ensure there is no single point of failure. Building IVR’s with high availability, so in case of a disaster, your IVR is always up to take calls, no matter the situation. We run into a situation where business is targeted with cyber-attacks, eliminating the virtual presence of a business. Ensure your IVR works to stay and support your business.

5) Respect:

If the customers have a frustrating call, it means they are less valued, and hence your IVR workflow is not doing the required job. Create workflows valuing the caller, their time, and their patience. It is crucial to get the customers through the IVR process quickly and make it a win-win situation.

6) Deliver high quality:

The voice quality is important, as it affects the comprehension and retention of the user. A lot of IVR systems have a high-quality voice to improve voice recognition, thus measuring the IVR quality gets easy.

7) Clarity in your workflow:

Narrow down your top five reasons for the customers that will call your company. While designing an IVR, avoid confusing your caller with multiple choices and questions and assist them in following your menu.

8) Testing:

Since the quality of IVR also depends on the network, testing is necessary. Devices used for interaction either use DTMF, where we easily miss the short burst for pushbuttons or, voice-recognition failing to recognize the speech. It’s necessary to have performance and scalability testing during your peak hours.

9) Brevity:

Keep your menu short with a limited number of options, so navigation through IVR is easy, ultimately setting your callers for success.

10) Professional Service:

A professionally designed IVR system provides the sound-studio quality of voiceovers from trained speakers. The professional voice incites confidence as if they deal with a big-time company.


IVR is more than just interactions and caller sorting workflow. Now with AI-powered workflows, and voiceovers IVR boots your business at different levels. From responding to queries to campaigning, collecting surveys, and managing caller’s information, it increases your business prospects.

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