Increase workflow efficiency through bundleN’s Fax Automation solutions

Increase workflow efficiency through BundleN’s Fax Automation solutions

Even though the companies enterprise is achieved through the internet, fax is one of the major modes of communication. Millions of pages are faxed between the companies from multifunctional printers or stand-alone fax machines. There are many reasons to explain why companies work on manual Fax machines. Fax works with and without the internet. It’s an easy interface between two companies and co-companies are working and maintaining the Fax. Companies follow the SOX and HIPAA compliance and legal familiarities. Eases the way to send signed documents. It turns out that, the fax machine offers secure transmission of sensitive data, is easier to use and best suited for exiting working habits. But the cost of having and maintaining a manual fax eco-system is far high than its use.

Challenges of using Manual Faxing:

A fax machine requires additional support increases the cost in terms of buying and maintaining the fax machines. The printing of the fax, phone lines supporting fax system, and varying cost of materials and suppliers are added to the cost. Also, labor working on manual retrievals, distribution, sorting, and filing of fax papers is hardly considered. Fax is to communicate confidential and sensitive information but poor transmission and document quality lead to a communication failure. There is also a need for close attention to avoid exposure of sensitive information through the documents. With such difficulties, organizations working with conventional fax machines deal with heavy infrastructure, increase in manual tasks, high expense, limited flexibility, and most important an unscalable system.

Compromising compliance:

  • Companies adhering to regulatory compliance follow a strict norm for business documents relating to the structure, process, auditability, archiving, and most essential security. The fax system offers control over documents and processes to support compliance.
  • Manual fax compromises with compliances, incidences like common fax machine for an entire department, scanning, and printing using the traditional way, are a challenge to follow the regulatory compliance.
  • There is a need to restrict access to sensitive data of patients, salary, tax information, revenue forecasts, so it meets the requirement of the standard compliance policy.
  • Scenarios like retrieved Fax getting lost, arrive or depart without logging or routing highlighting inherently unstructured fax procedures.
  • Traditional faxing is inherent an unauditable process. Compliance frameworks, audit processes, documents, and results making determinations about the controls. For example, SOX policy requires tracking any document or record in the transaction, that encompasses sales quotes, invoices, and HIPAA compliance ensures the security of patients’ data. Max faxing makes audit difficult, arduous, and laborious.

Switch to Fax automation:

  • Fax automation is a centralized faxing system with a network-connected node. Organizations switching to fax automation manage fax communication and business process better.
  • Fax automation solutions are flexible in sending and receiving fax on desktop, can integrate with business applications, and automate on production scale by managing fax traffic and admin control.
  • Automated Fax solutions offer various advantages.
  • Since it’s automated working on computers, it reduces paper.
  • Lessens telephone connections and material cost.
  • Automates fax sending to a different organization.
  • Includes fax servers that deal with routing storage and saving sensitive data.
  • It significantly reduces the frustrations caused by manual fax machines and aids in streamline the process, enables seamless communication, integrates with IT applications, and customizes to fit organizational requirements.
  • Automation reduces 90% of manual fax expenses and offers improved financial reporting and profitability. It optimizes human resources and reduces man-handling errors.
  • An organization using Fax automation achieves unified messaging goals and improves communication efficiency throughout the enterprise.
  • By reducing days of sales outstanding and improved cash flow, businesses experience a streamlined process of sales purchase, admin, invoicing and cashing. The time cycle for communication shortens supporting and boosting your business.

Regulated compliance:

  • Automated fax solutions support compliance by bringing control over documents with the improved organizational process. Fax automation systems support the regulatory requirements.
  • Document details like its workflow, access control, versioning, along with the solution feature like search assist in regulatory and audit requirements.
  • Companies can focus on core business goals, low operational cost, risk management, efficiency, customer service, and profitability.
  • Since Fax automation solutions comply with SOX and HIPPA, the legal and auditing disciplines are shaping themselves into the infrastructure and regulating the business deals.
  • As a central system for fax, it manages the workflow in electronic format and immediately structures the information about acceptance, routing, audited and archived.
  • Organizations can customize fax automation solutions to add features like adding cover pages, specify transmission, instructions, integrate address books, sends faxes, automatic emailing of incoming faxes to its recipient.
  • Integrating fax solutions with other automated systems speeds up business processes lowering human errors and operational costs.
  • Since fax solutions are automated they easily scale or are deployed on a production scale without operational cost.
  • By converting the documents into TIFF files, automated solutions provide low-cost storage with easy and securely accessible.
  • Secure inbound fax routing makes sure use of Direct Inward Dialing (DID), securing and intercepting an inbound call and routing electronically to a specific email inbox. This ensures the precise fax delivery, privacy, security, indexing of incoming fax or searchable PDF document, and signifying the reduction of auditing costs.
  • Business process management or workflow applications are regularly practiced with automation solutions. By sending a fax from their computers, the intuitive UI of solutions guides users.
  • As the solutions are customizable, the additional features rarely seen in manual faxing are of great advantage. Auto-filling client details, browser based-web interface, basic and customization of workflows, searchable documents, customizable user forms, advance routing of incoming fax saves time, labor, improves auditing, and increases productivity.

Customize Fax Automation with BundleN:

  • Fax automation mainly eliminates manual processes, but the workflows and integrations work wonders for your business. BundleN team focuses on aspects of workflows and integrations with enterprise applications to align with your requirements to achieve operational efficiencies.
  • Focusing on the full value potential of fully automated fax solutions, BundleN enables fully secured integrations with existing desktop and enterprise solutions by adhering to your compliance protocol.

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