Enroll your patients in a healthcare benefit plan using EDI 834

Large medical bills are a big concern for most of us, and enrolling into a high-quality healthcare benefit plan is only the option.

A health insurance plan is for your critical conditions, for the individuals working in the company, the companies need to ensure that all their employees are covered into an insurance plan.

If you are ready to purchase insurance, let us know about the EDI 834 transaction set.

Most of the healthcare organization is shifting themselves on EDI healthcare transaction set. To purchase a plan EDI 834 transaction set is initiated,

Generally used by unions, government agencies, insurance agencies, EDI 834 specifies HIPAA 5010 standards for the electronic exchange of members’ enrollment information.

It encompasses the new enrollment, changes, reinstatement, and disenrollment of patients or employees. As the employer submits the information to the healthcare payer organization, healthcare organizations like insurance companies, HMOs or PPOs, and government agencies are responsible for payment for any health claims.

EDI 834 document including subscriber name, plan network, eligibility, and service identification is responded with 999 implementation acknowledgment.

Why use EDI 834 standard format?

EDI communicates various benefit plans and insurance types. Instead of paperwork, fax, or calls, EDI 834 format is a great alternative. As you connect to insurance companies, almost all the tasks are automated with accuracy. Moreover, it eliminates misinterpretation and saves time on the passing of documents between the companies.

Becoming an EDI organization is quite easy. If you are an EDI ready healthcare organization, BundleN is ready to help and convert into EDI healthcare. For for information contact us or mail us.

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