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Top 5 application dashboard designs trending in 2020

The application dashboard design trends for 2020 look way more vibrant, more polished and more immersive than the ancient ones. Here we’ve gathered up the 5 app trends projected to be 2020’s hottest.Metronic – Metronic is a unique dashboard which provides HTML, Bootstrap 4, Angular 10, VueJS, React & Laravel admin themes. These admin themes… Continue reading Top 5 application dashboard designs trending in 2020

Microservices Using .Net Core

Today, we delve into Microservices. We see large projects working on monolithic architecture and service-oriented architecture (SOA). As we have cloud providers providing affordable cloud services, monolithic applications are migrated into Microservices.Why no to Monolithic?Monolithic applications are multilayered, working on a system, or scaled into distributed servers. The components are loosely coupled but are dependent,… Continue reading Microservices Using .Net Core

Entity Framework Core: Cross Platform ORM for .NET Core

We are just now getting into connecting to the database. This is a good time to talk about Entity Framework (EF) core. Entity Framework maps the objects of the source code to the tables of the relational database. The tedious way of connecting to DB was easily automated by EF that kept the database in… Continue reading Entity Framework Core: Cross Platform ORM for .NET Core

Cross-Platform Functionality with .NET Core

Since the release of .NET Core on Microsoft stack, .NET based products are now cross-platform. There was good response when .NET core was released as an open-source platform with additional functionalities that were missing in the previous .NET Framework. .NET Framework was ignored by the open source communities for a long time, as Microsoft never… Continue reading Cross-Platform Functionality with .NET Core

BOS Framework – AWS Cloud in 5 minutes

Developers love to jump in and start pushing their code. When we start on a new stack, it always takes too much of time to setup in AWS in a scalable, secure manner. Now there are options like Terraform and BOS Framework. Terraform requires lot of learning and several iterations over several weeks and costs… Continue reading BOS Framework – AWS Cloud in 5 minutes

.Net Core + Angular Stack

At BundleN, we experiment with different stack combinations on our own time Time to hit the reset button on our stack journey. We previously made enough of a dent with our Angular + Java stack. We developed a secure web application that is role driven, multi lingual, Configuration driven, Version based, Role based dashboards, complex… Continue reading .Net Core + Angular Stack

New Features

New Features being addedToday we are off to a new journey. With new journey comes new infusion of pages. Ideally, we don’t want to see same admin style screens all the time. That said, this month’s theme is products. With that come product lists, product summary, checkout and integration with payment processing platform Stripe. The… Continue reading New Features

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