Top 5 application dashboard designs trending in 2020

The application dashboard design trends for 2020 look way more vibrant, more polished and more immersive than the ancient ones. Here we’ve gathered up the 5 app trends projected to be 2020’s hottest.

  • Metronic – Metronic is a unique dashboard which provides HTML, Bootstrap 4, Angular 10, VueJS, React & Laravel admin themes. These admin themes provide tools to develop different kinds of projects. This dashboard consists of 3 main folders:
  • Design Folder – It is the folder where the design preview files are placed using Figma design tools.
  • Doc Folder – In this folder, the entire official documents are placed for offline viewing.
  • Theme Folder – In this folder, the entire Admin Dashboard Template is placed and is packed with angular, HTML, html_laravel, react, and Vue frameworks. Each folder contains all the necessary files and folders for the respective frameworks.
  • Vuexy – It is Vuejs + HTML Admin Dashboard. It is based on the Vue CLI, Vuex, and Vuexy component frameworks. It is a developer and user friendly and as well as customizable. It has passed the highest industry standards in terms of speed. It is also highly scalable and easy to use. It offers endless easy customization options.

This dashboard can create versatile web applications such as:

  1. Project Management apps
  2. E-commerce backends
  3. CRM systems Analytics apps
  4. Banking apps
  5. & many more…

  • Ample Admin – Ample Admin is the free version of the Ample Admin Pro bootstrap admin template. This template includes seven-page templates that can be added to the essential areas of the dashboard as well as create a useful 404 error page. It also covers E-brand icons such as Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, and Slack. It also provides 10 UI components that are useful to add content to pages, including chat listing, tables, graphs, etc. It also provides a good collection of Font Awesome icons which can be used in dashboard designs and also consists of Google Map integration which helps to add maps in the dashboards.
  • CoreUI – CoreUI is a free bootstrap template that is used to create a functional user interface. It works on a wide variety of libraries which include Laravel, Angular, and React. With the help of a demo, you can find out which type of widget and panels you require to include in your dashboard. The library of components used in CoreUI makes it more attractive to use as they consist of a wide range of buttons, card styles, forms, switches, and tabs to your custom user interface. Font Awesome Icons and Simple Line icons are always an option to add graphics to your dashboards. The CoreUI also has four premium admin templates from which one is completely open-source and free to use.

  • Star Admin – Star Admin is fully responsive and also the first highly smartphone-friendly template. The pre-built templates in the Star Admin package are modern and up to date. There are predefined widgets that can be added with the weather, sales, tickets, and performance history widgets as well as we can include other elements like buttons, forms, tables, and charts to your pages. The charts can be used to configure and display data in real-time, making the dashboard more useful to the users. It consists of six types of chart elements to choose from as well as lots of icons including notification based icons to display alerts to your users, on your pages. The designs of these templates can be customized using codes and also the UI components and plugins can be reused. Hence, the Star Admin template is an ideal tool to create admin panels, eCommerce systems, project management apps, etc.