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Logs are crucial to any application. These days with micro services, it got that much harder to trace the errors in a distributed environment. However there are options to make logging as painless as possible. We can either go with a log aggregator such as ELK stack or GrayLog. Most of these log aggregators come with great tools to query the logs, display critical events in dashboards, etc. For this, we decided to do our own. With our log aggregator, we are capturing and display the event timelines, request and response payloads based on user roles and also the response times and the codes for every request. At BundleN, we experiment with stack combinations on our own time. For potential clients interested in this stack, we can always give a demo of what we have up until that point of time. You can reach us at

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Here is the latest about our Angular + Java project.


Add Interceptor to capture log events

Task Details

Add Java Interceptor to capture log events. Capture Case Information into the database. Add an event driven micro service to capture the request payload and inject that into the NoSQL database.


Get the Response Status and the Response Payload

Task Details

Log the Response Status and Payload in the NoSQL database through an event driven micro service


Develop UI page to display log activity

Task Details

Develop UI page to display log activity. Page should have the user info, request time, payload, response code, time and response payload.

Information should be filtered out at the server side based on who is requesting the information


Use WebSocket to push information to the client

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