Setting up the base

Here we are, kicking off a new project. Unlike a typical project where we start with business requirements and analysis, here we are starting off with a base project that will have core features needed by clients in general. So, we will be getting our hands dirty from Day 1.At BundleN, we experiment with stack… Continue reading Setting up the base

Angular + Java Stack

At BundleN, we experiment with different stack combinations on our own timeTypical IT shops experiment with different technology stacks. We are no different here at BundleN. Only difference is that we try to do these experiments before hand. At BundleN, we preemptively develop core features using stack combinations. By doing so, we can cut down… Continue reading Angular + Java Stack

Observer Vs PubSub

Observer Vs PubSubLet’s delve into Observer design Pattern and Publish Subscribe pattern. At a high level, both these are design patterns to communicate state changes or notifications to a listener. We didn’t originally plan to write on this subject. But, working on the dashboards, we realized we had to use both these patterns and wanted… Continue reading Observer Vs PubSub

Token Based Authentication Using Spring Security

Today we wrapped up basic authentication of the application by wiring up Spring Security to work with JSON Web Tokens (JWT). As a part of this effort, we created the following 2 POST API end points./api/auth/signup – For registration end point/api/auth/signin – For loginThrough Spring Security, we configured CORS, CSRF, Session Management and also setup… Continue reading Token Based Authentication Using Spring Security

Docker / MySQL / Roles

Docker / MySQL / RolesTime to make life easy. Let’s start with Docker containers. Software Development and deployment landscape totally changed in the last couple of years with the evolution of containers such as Docker. Docker containers eliminate lot of heavy lifting needed with traditional Virtual Machines. Docker containers are much quicker to start than… Continue reading Docker / MySQL / Roles
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