Docker / MySQL / Roles

Docker / MySQL / Roles

Time to make life easy. Let’s start with Docker containers. Software Development and deployment landscape totally changed in the last couple of years with the evolution of containers such as Docker. Docker containers eliminate lot of heavy lifting needed with traditional Virtual Machines. Docker containers are much quicker to start than virtual machines. Docker is lot more effective for snapshotting your applications into an image and deploying it across all your environments – development, test and production.

At BundleN, we experiment with stack combinations on our own time.

For potential clients interested in this stack, we can always give a demo of what we have up until that point of time. You can reach us at, We understand that a final product needs lot of fine tuning, going back and forth a lot to build a great application. We read about lots of ideas and this is our platform to try those ideas and bring them to the table. We are as invested into the product as our clients are. For more details on this stack, click here

Here is the latest about our Angular + Java project.

What is Docker Desktop?

Docker Desktop is an application for MacOS and Windows machines for the building and sharing of containerized applications and microservices.

Why Docker Desktop?

This is the faster and easier way for building containerized applications and microservices on your local desktop and to transition these applications into the cloud environments. For more info, contact

What is MySQL?

MySQL is a very popular open-source relational database management system (RDBMS).

Why MySQL?

We picked MySQL for this first project because of the wider popularity of MySQL. We will go with other alternative RDBMS databases in the stacks that we build later. For more info on setting up MySQL in a Docker container, Since we are developing a workflow web application, every company has roles defined within the organization. For this application, we will start with 10 different common roles within organizations. For client specific needs, we can always alter these roles later on.

Roles for this application

  • Customer
  • Customer Service Rep
  • Customer Service Lead
  • Claims Rep
  • Claims lead
  • Analytics
  • Quality Assurance
  • Mail Room
  • Fax Agent
  • Admin

For more details about Role Based Authorization,

  • User Registration
  • Sign Up Controller
  • Login
  • Social Login
  • Sign In Controller
  • Logout
  • Dashboard
  • Dashboard Widgets,…….