Case Study: HL7 Integration

Client: Contessa is a Fortune 500 healthcare organization that provides hospital-at-home and skilled nursing facility at-home services.


Contessa was unable to scale their patient admission process. Each day 15 full-time employees manually entered patient information to coordinate home healthcare for patients. The tedious and routine process involved countless phone calls to different healthcare providers and organizations to retrieve patient data. With this process, Contessa’s team could only address 300 patients / day.

Manual Process
15 Employees
300 Records / Day

bundleN performed an HL7 integration to automate the patient admission process. HL7 is a set of clinical standards and messaging formats that enable healthcare organizations to create uniform data that anyone with authorization can retrieve and use in their own systems. The integration has enabled Contessa to coordinate the care of an unlimited number of patients each day without a single employee.

Automated Process
No Employees
Unlimited Records / Day

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