Why mirth/NextGen Connect integration is used by healthcare organizations.

Healthcare systems require a secured data connection for their day-to-day- activity. Sharing, collaborating, transferring data between departments is done on an extensive scale. As the name suggests, NextGen Connect acts as a platform to transfer or share Healthcare Data in a highly secured environment. It is an open-source healthcare solution that provides interoperability with standards defined by HL7. Formerly known as Mirth, it acts as an interface connecting data transferring software’s bidirectional. That means both the EHR consumers can share their non-standard data in standard formats. Possibilities with NextGen Working on secured connections is challenging for healthcare providers, NextGen does the same. It streamlines the management process, by providing multiple demands of regulation. EHR consumers feel more secure and satisfied by NextGen connect under a security umbrella.

1) It’s cross-platform ability gives it access to various operating systems and EHR machines.

2) Supports multiple transport protocols and message formats, this increases the message and data type flexibility.

3) Easily programmable with Java and JavaScript and allows routes, filters, and transformations.

4) Provides quick statistics on active connections, along with error messages.

5) Quick communication of status updates, emails for errors, scalable features.

NextGen integrates and translates the received message into the format decided by your organization. A quick look at what you can do with NextGen Connect.

1) Filtering

2) Transformation

3) Extraction

4) Routing

This helps you to create the pipelines that could get you the exact information needed in your business. These pipelines could get you to work on big data of healthcare or analyze the point of the cause of an incident. A cross-platform interface engine is easily manageable by the healthcare specialist.

BundleN team has streamlined the process of collecting data for our healthcare clients using NextGen. If you are interested in using NextGen Connect, then mail us or contact us.

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