How BundleN is making difference for EHR’s consumers?

Are you into healthcare and not into the EHR’s consumers list?

Gone are those days when the patient comes in with a set of document papers and family history.

A recent report of ReportLinker states “Global Electronic Health Records (EHR) market is forecast to grow from an estimated $ 30 billion in 2020 to $ 40 billion by 2025.”

Now an increasing number of healthcare services are utilizing EHR systems. 

This robust system allows you to care for your outpatients by providing easy access to patient’s data with HL7 FHIR approved formats. The structured data of patient’s information is driving the global clinical EHR systems to market overseas.


Transform into EHR service with BundleN?

There are multiple benefits by moving on the EHR,

  1. Patient records such as laboratory test results, diagnosed health, and medical problems or medication lists can be accessed online. 
  2. Doctors or consultants can access the same copies of patients’ medical records online.
  3. Offering your services overseas is easy when you have electronic medical reports of patients.


BundleN provides you an opportunity to transform and update your healthcare services. 

  1. We have a team of healthcare domain experts working with technocrats. This combination is seen in the IT service industry. 
  2. Understanding healthcare regulation, compliance, and security if valuable data is highly valued by our company
  3. Working on legacy EHR systems is a risk for the healthcare system. But our team is experienced to convert legacy systems to blend them with modern techniques.
  4. We offer customization with the latest technology that follows FHIR and HL7 guidelines.


The EHR customers we cater are Health Data Analytics, telemedicine, Personal Healthcare Apps, and FHIR application automation. 

Working from end-to-end solution to working on specific tasks, BundleN provides the best service for our EHR, healthcare clients.

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