Dashboards are great tools to provide information overview. With Login, Registration and Logout functionalities out of the way, we picked up dashboards as the next pivot for our development. We will be concentrating on the development of some common critical components needed in a dashboard. To kick it off, we have replaced the old welcome page with a new dashboards page and added couple of high level info boxes. We have also added a backend API end point to get the data from the MySQL database. In the future exercises, we will add a microservice to populate the dashboard data in an in-memory database. The cloud platform like AWS guarantees response time of under 1 millisecond. Yeah, that is not a typo. We should take advantage of setting up the aggregated data in an in-memory database and be able to perform top notch performance for our applications.

Here is a snapshot of the dashboard page as of this writing.

At BundleN, we experiment with stack combinations on our own time.

For potential clients interested in this stack, we can always give a demo of what we have up until that point of time. You can reach us at sales@BundleN.com

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Here is the latest about our Angular + Java project.


Backend API endpoint for basic dashboard data

Task Details

Retrieve the case counts based on case status. Following are the case statuses that are needed from the database

  • New Case Count
  • Open Case Count
  • Pending Case Count
  • Closed Case Count


Start with a basic Dashboard UI Page

Task Details

Develop cards to present the following info on the dashboard

  • New Cases
  • Open Cases
  • Pending Cases
  • Closed Cases
  • Table View for New Cases
  • Provide a detail table with the new case information. As part of this table, add some icons to be able to assign cases or flag cases.

Table View for My Cases

Provide a detail table view of the cases belonging to the logged-in user. As part of this table, add some icons to be able to edit cases or assign the case to someone else.

Table View for My Tasks

Provide a detail table view of the tasks pending for the logged-in user.

  • Dashboard widgets
  • Setup Redis in-memory database
  • Localization
  • Roles API End Point
  • Social Login using Google
  • Social Login using Facebook
  • sales@BundleN.com